Thursday, July 24, 2014

radycat replied to your post: radycat said:I cant believe u are…


u ship pipabeth???????

before people get offended on my behalf, radycat is a friend. a trolly, trolly friend. this is how we normally interact :B

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I think I’ve gotten a Nico sketch request for every single palette in the color meme, haha…

Anonymous said: I'm crying cause I just realized the pins were sold out. I was gonna save up my allowance.

Temporarily sold out! Unlike the prints, I’m actually just waiting for my graphic punch to get fixed and then I can restock those - should take a couple of weeks. I’ll make an announcement in advance. 

Just made my first batch of shipments! If you haven’t received a notification email yet (mostly people who ordered the Tortall print), that likely means I’ll be shipping your order either this Friday or early next week. Thank you!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Those of you who ordered the large Tortall Heroines print - I ran out of the clear plastic page protectors for the large size prints, so I’m waiting on that (I ordered more immediately once I realized I didn’t have enough). It should get to me before Friday, but in case it doesn’t, expect your order to ship early next week. Just a heads up!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

More HTTYD 2 advertising in random places…





How long does your ideal hug last

38-45 minutes

that’s really impractical

u said ideal, not realistic

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Anonymous said: A good friend of mine has asked me to beta read their "masterpiece" fancfic, and she was really hyped when I accepted. I've just finished reading the thing, and to be perfectly honest, it's utterly disastrous; I can't make a single nice comment about it. I know I'm being an ass here, but is there a way to tactfully tell them their writing is... not as good as they thought it was? I'd be grateful for any advice. (My apologies if I've made any mistakes, I'm not a native speaker.)

Before saying anything to them, ask yourself one crucial question - how much would they welcome the critique? Tread cautiously here because a lot of people (especially young writers) haven’t learned yet not to take criticism personally. That goes doubly so if the crit comes from a close friend, because that’s usually something that’ll cause strain in a relationship. It’s important to be honest, but it’s just as important to be a supportive friend - definitely don’t slam dunk the fic because it doesn’t suit your tastes (it might feel like the right thing to do, but what it actually is is satisfying your own ego - if your friend thinks it’s a masterpiece, that likely means they haven’t reached the skill level yet to be able to see the problems you’re seeing. Which is perfectly fine! If they keep at the craft, they’ll get there eventually. Reminding someone of their inadequacies or things they need to work on when they actually feel satisfied with their work is… not the best thing to do generally, because these are problems they won’t be able to fix until they can see it themselves). You are not responsible for their growth as an artist! It’s really up to you how honest you want to be, and they asked you to beta so they’re probably expecting some level of critique - my advice is to use what I call the constructive criticism sandwich: start with something positive (really comb the fic again, I’m sure you can find something), get your main gripes out, then end with something positive. Best of luck! 

Anonymous said: Hey! I just bought some buttons and I was wondering how long they would take to arrive. I live in northern Virginia! Thanks! Love your art!

I’m probably bulk-shipping stuff once a week - your item should be shipped out by the middle of next week!